Queer Open Stage

Blackbile Productions

Are you also dreaming of the stage and finally want to start performing yourself? Our Prague-based Queer Open Stage is the perfect opportunity to show your debut performance and dive into the performing world. The unmatched friendly atmosphere of this event will encourage even to the shy ones, and producer and hostess Melancholia Blackbile ensures a truly inclusive platform without prejudice.

Německý Drag King Phallamir na Queer Open Stage
Moderátorka Queer Open Stage Drag Queen Melancholia Blackbile
Česká burleska Ruby Tsunami na Queer Open Stage

A friendly platform not just for beginning performers

Blackbile Productions

The Queer Open Stage is an LGBTQ+ safe space without rivalry and competitivness. Our show is based on a friendly approach, mutual support and respect among everyone, who comes together at our show - be it on stage as performers or cheering on in the audience.