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Blackbile Productions

Blackbile Productions is a queer event company and shop with rainbow items, merchandise from Czech drag queens and queer artists, and other LGBTQ+ themed products, which we make for you with love directly at our quer workshop in Prague. Blackbile Productions is run by Melancholia Blackbile, a performer, producer and Prague based drag queen. She aims to offer quality entertainment, provide a platform with fair conditions for performers, and to support the local scene.

Queer events in Prague

Blackbile Productions

Blackbile Productions produces queer events in Prague and creates quality drag shows, burlesque shows and cabaret entertainment on a professional level for a wide range of events, pride festivals, private parties as well as TV and film across the Czech Republic and abroad.

We work with talented artists from all kinds of performance art branches from the local and international scene, and raise public awareness of drag queens, drag kings, and queer and trans performers in general. Our mission is to create intentional safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and all lovers of the arts.

Drag Merch & more

Blackbile Productions

We proudly create merchandise for various Czech drag performers and other queer artists. In our merch section you will find everything you need to support and show your love to your favourite artist. At the moment we feature Czech drag queen Melancholia Blackbile, queer influencer Dima Arrest, drag queen & LGBTQ+ activist Finiji DarkAngel and tarot reader & artist Grozna Sviňa. Everything we make is hand-printed or handmade with love in our small queer studio in Prague, and we are continuously working on expanding our selection. Interested in merch or a custom order? We will be happy to hear from you!

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Melancholia Blackbile

Blackbile Productions

Melancholia Blackbile is one of the premier Czech drag queens and a queer event producer. She performs all over the Czech Republic and Europe and has been producing regular events on the local scene since 2018, providing a platform for new as well as established artists from the genres drag, burlesque, circus and more.